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We understand people have bitches coming onto season every day of the week and making a decision to use a stud dog is a very important one.  When a sire is chosen we can organise the semen to be sent to the preferred veterinary facility where insemination will take place.


Quite often semen may already be available at the most popular facilities we use in Australia, although the busier stud dogs may be sold out and if so a semen vial would have to be shipped directly which can easily be arranged.


We have an overnight express service if you wish to get semen there urgently or if time permits, it can be sent by road transport also.


Another fantastic service we get great feedback on from breeders is when we offer the breeder to option to may the Greyhounds Australasia semen transfer fee on behalf of you and put it directly into your name to make the purchasing of frozen semen even easier.


Once we receive payment your paperwork will be promptly emailed, faxed or posted to you. The veterinary facility and Greyhounds Australasia will also be notified at the same time.




Please download and view the Meticulous Lodge Terms of Trade, effective October 28, 2018, before ordering or requesting Frozen Semen

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